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turkce_ingilzce_sozluk - göz : (Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük)
1. eye. 2. sight, vision. 3. eye, manner or way of looking at a thing; estimation; opinion. 4. fountainhead, source (of a stream or river); spring. 5. eye (of a needle). 6. division, section, compartment; pigeonhole; cubbyhole. 7. drawer (in a piece of furniture). 8. pan (of a balance). 9. evil eye. 10. bad luck inflicted by an evil eye. 11. esteem, favor, friendly regard. 12. rudimentary bud. 13. eye (on a potato). 14. eye, the depression at the calyx end of some fruits. 15. section, division, square (on a game board). 16. central core (of a boil). 17. eye (in cheese); hole (in bread). 18. desire, interest. ünde /ın/ in the eyes of. ü aç greedy, avaricious, insatiable. açamamak to have no rest or respite. ü açık clever, sharp, wide-awake, shrewd. ü açık gitmek to die without having fulfilled one´s desire. ü açılmak to become shrewd. açıp kapayıncaya kadar/ açıp kapamadan in the twinkling of an eye, in an instant. lerini açmak to wake up. ünü açmak 1. to keep one´s eyes open, watch out, be wary, be on guard. 2. /ın/ to enlighten (someone), open (someone´s) eyes. 3. to be enlightened. 4. /ın/ to take (a virgin) to bed. 5. /da/ to have intercourse for the first time (with). açtırmamak /a/ to give no respite to, give (someone) no chance to do anything else. ünü ağartmak to open one´s eyes wide (in astonishment or anger). ağrısı 1. eyestrain. 2. one´s old or first love or sweetheart. ahbaplığı/aşinalığı knowing someone by sight. ü akmak to be blinded (by accident). e ak düşmek to get a cataract in one´s eye. alabildiğine as far as the eye can see. aldanımı/aldanması optical illusion. alıcı eye-catching. almak to dazzle. e almak /ı/ to risk, accept the risk of, take or run the chance of. ardı etmek /ı/ to undervalue, pay insufficient attention to. ü arkada kalmak to leave with something left undone or with a desire left unsatisfied. aşinalığı slight acquaintanceship. atmak /a/ to take a glance at, run an eye over. ün/ünüz aydın! I´m happy for you!/Congratulations! (said to one whose long-awaited wish has come true). aydına gitmek /a/ to visit (someone) to congratulate him/her. ünü ayırmamak /dan/ not to take one´s eyes off of. aynası ophthalmoscope. lerini bağışlamak to donate one´s eyes on death. ünü bağlamak /ın/ 1. to blindfold. 2. to hoodwink. ü bağlı 1. blindfolded. 2. blindly, blindfoldedly. 3. bewitched. (...) üyle bakmak /a/ to look at (someone, something) from the point of view of. bankası eye bank. banyosu 1. eyewash. 2. colloq. girl-watching. e batmak 1. to stick out, hit one in the eye. 2. to attract attention. leri bayılmak for one´s eyes to have a sleepy or desirous look. lerini belertmek to open one´s eyes wide (in astonishment or anger). boncuğu blue bead (worn to avert the evil eye). boyamak to mislead, delude, deceive, hoodwink, pull the wool over someone´s eyes. leri buğulanmak/bulutlanmak for one´s eyes to fill with tears. ü bulanmak for one´s eyes to become clouded over. ü büyükte olmak to be full of ambition. leri büyümek to open one´s eyes wide (in surprise, with terror). ünde büyümek /ın/ to assume great proportions to (someone). ünde büyütmek /ı/ to blow up (something, someone) out of proportion. leri çakmak çakmak olmak for one´s eyes to be bloodshot. ünün çapağını silmeden the first thing on awakening, before wiping the sleep from one´s eyes. e çarpmak to strike or catch one´s eyes; to be conspicuous. leri çekik having slanting eyes, slant-eyed. den çıkarmak /ı/ to be prepared to pay; to be willing to give up or sacrifice (something). ünü çıkarmak /ın/ to do the worst possible job of (something), ruin, spoil. üm çıksın/kör olsun Strike me blind if .... çukuru anat. orbit, eye socket. leri çukura gitmek/kaçmak to become hollow-eyed. ünü daldan budaktan/çöpten esirgememek/sakınmamak to disregard dangers. ü dalmak to gaze vacantly, stare into space. damlası med. eye drops. değmek /a/ to be struck by the evil eye. deliği 1. eyehole, peephole. 2. lookout slit (in a defensive wall). 3. eye slit (in the visor of a helmet). lerini devirmek /a/ to look daggers at, glare at. ü dışarıda 1. (husband) having eyes for other women. 2. on the lookout for new work. leri dışarı fırlamak/uğramak to be frightened to death; for one´s eyes to bulge out/bug out. e diken olmak to provoke jealousy. dikmek /a/ to set one´s eye on, covet, long to possess. lerini/ünü dikmek /a/ to fix one´s eyes on, stare at. üne dizine dursun! May my good deed choke him/her/you! (referring to an ingrate). doktoru/hekimi ophthalmologist, oculist. doldurmak/doyurmak 1. to make a good impression. 2. to prove to be more competent than expected. leri dolmak/dolu dolu olmak for one´s eyes to fill with tears. ü doymak to become satisfied. ünü doyurmak /ın/ to cloy, glut, satiate, surfeit (someone). ü dönesi! May he drop dead! leri dönmek 1. for one´s eyes to roll back into one´s head (from high fever or before death). 2. to be blind with rage, be beside oneself with rage. ü dönmek 1. /dan/ to be blind with a craving for. 2. to be blind with rage, be beside oneself with rage. ünü dört açmak to be all eyes, keep one´s eyes open. ü/leri dumanlanmak/ünü duman bürümek for one´s eyes to be clouded with rage, be blind with rage. den düşmek to fall into disfavor, fall out of favor, be disgraced. etmek /a/ to wink at. leri evinden/yerinden/yuvalarından fırlamak/oynamak/uğramak for one´s eyes to bulge out/bug out (in rage, fear, or panic). ü/leri fal taşı gibi açılmak for one´s eyes to pop out (in amazement, astonishment, or rage). leri fıldır fıldır etmek for one´s eyes to roll around taking in everything. leri fincan gibi olmak for one´s eyes to get as big as saucers. den geçirmek /ı/ 1. to go over quickly, read over quickly, glance over. 2. to inspect, examine, scrutinize, go over, check over, check out. 3. to revise, edit. e gelmek to be struck by the evil eye. gezdirmek /a/ to run an eye over, cast an eye over. ü gibi sakınmak/saklamak/esirgemek /ı/ to hover over, be overprotective of, be overanxious about (something). ü gibi sevmek /ı/ to regard (someone) as the apple of one´s eye. e/üne girmek /ın/ to win (someone´s) love or interest; to ingratiate oneself with (someone), curry favor with. ü gitmek /a/ to see by chance; to catch sight of. ü gönlü açılmak to become cheerful, cheer up. göre göre blatantly, openly, publicly. üyle görmek /ı/ to be an eyewitness (to). ü görmemek 1. to be blind. 2. /ı/ to ignore (something) (because of concentrating on something else). üm görmesin! /ı/ I don´t want to lay eyes on him/you/it again. görmeyince gönül katlanır. proverb If your loved ones don´t live near you, their problems are not so much with you. ü görmez olmak /ı/ to cease to value (someone, something). e görünmek 1. to be visible. 2. (for something unreal) to seem real. e görünmemek 1. not to be in sight. 2. to be invisible. göz 1. full of holes, all holes. 2. as separate rooms or sections. e göz, dişe diş. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. göze gelmek /la/ for one´s eyes to meet another´s eyes; to come eyeball to eyeball. ünü gözüne dikmek /ın/ to stare into (another´s) eyes. gözü görmemek not to be able to see one´s hand in front of one´s face (owing to fog, smoke, dust, etc.). göz olmak to be full of holes, be all holes. hakkı a small share of food given to satisfy an onlooker. hapsi law surveillance; open arrest, house arrest. hapsine almak /ı/ 1. to keep (someone) under surveillance. 2. to fix one´s eyes on, watch (someone) closely. ü hiçbir şey görmemek to be so excited by something that one can think of nothing else. üne hiçbir şey görünmemek to be overwhelmed by one´s troubles. den ırak olmak to be far away. den ırak olan gönülden de ırak olur. proverb Out of sight, out of mind. ü ısırmak /ı/ to feel that one has met (someone). ünün içine baka baka coolly and boldly. ünün içine bakmak/üne bakmak /ın/ 1. to cherish (someone) dearly. 2. to be at the beck and call of, be at the disposal of. 3. to look entreatingly at. lerinin içi gülmek to have one´s eyes shine with joy. lerinin içine kadar kızarmak to blush to the roots of one´s hair. ü ilişmek /a/ to notice, become aware of. üne ilişmek /ın/ to come across (something). iltihabı/yangısı inflammation of the eye, ophthalmia. lerine inanamamak not to believe one´s eyes. lerini kaçırmak not to be able to look someone in the eye. ünden kaçırmamak /ı/ not to miss (seeing or noticing). den kaçmak to be overlooked, not to be noticed, escape one´s eye. kadehi eyecup. ü kalmak /da/ 1. to have a hankering for, hanker for/after (something one can´t get). 2. to envy, covet (something in another´s possession). kamaştırıcı dazzling, brilliant. kamaştırmak 1. to dazzle. 2. to fascinate. ünü kan bürümek to see red. leri kan çanağına dönmek/leri kanlanmak for one´s eyes to become bloodshot. ü kapalı 1. perfunctorily, automatically; without hesitation, blindly. 2. uninformed, unaware, ignorant. ünü kapamak 1. to die. 2. /a/ to pretend not to see. leri kapanmak 1. to die. 2. /a/ not to be able to keep one´s eyes open, be very sleepy. ü kapıda 1. looking for an opportunity to leave. 2. anxiously expecting someone´s arrival, with one´s eyes glued on the door. ü kara fearless, intrepid. kararı roughly speaking, by rule of thumb, by just looking at it. ü kararmak 1. to feel near fainting. 2. to lose self-control, lose one´s temper. üne karasu inmek 1. to get glaucoma. 2. to lose patience (looking for the arrival of someone or something). den kaybetmek /ı/ to lose sight of. den kaybolmak to be lost to sight; to disappear. ü kaymak 1. /a/ to be unable to avoid looking at (someone, something). 2. to be slightly cross-eyed. kesilmek to be all eyes. ü keskin sharp-eyed, sharp-sighted. ü kesmek /ı/ 1. to feel oneself capable of, be up to. 2. to take a liking or fancy to, like. üne kestirmek /ı/ 1. to have one´s eye on (something) as a desirable possession. 2. to feel oneself capable of. keşfi mil. reconnaissance. ünü kırpmadan without batting an eye; without hesitation. kırpmak 1. to wink; to blink, blink one´s eyes. 2. /a/ to wink at. kırpmamak not to sleep a wink. ü kızarmak for one´s eye to get red. ü kızmak to breathe fire and fury, see red. kliniği eye clinic. ü korkmak /dan/ to be afraid of undertaking (something) (because of a bad experience). ünü korkutmak /ın/ to daunt, intimidate. koymak /a/ to set one´s heart on having (something, someone). ü kör olası/olasıca damned, darned. ü kör olsun! /ın/ Curse it!/Damn it! kulak olmak 1. /a/ to keep a protective eye on. 2. to be on the alert for information. kuyruğu the corner of the eye. ünün kuyruğuyla/ucuyla bakmak /a/ to look out of the corner of one´s eye (at). merceği anat. crystalline lens. lerine mil çekmek /ın/ to blind (someone) with a red-hot iron. nuru 1. eye-straining effort. 2. sight, visual faculty, strength of vision. ümün nuru! Light of my life!/Darling!/My beloved! nuru dökmek to strain one´s eyes (in fine work). ü olmak /da/ to have one´s eye on (something). ünde olmamak to have no interest in (something) (because of trouble or distress). ünü oymak /ın/ to do the utmost harm to (someone). önü area within one´s sight. önünde in front of one´s eyes; within sight. ünün önünden geçmek to see (someone, something) in one´s mind. ünün önüne gelmek to see (someone, something) in one´s mind; to come to mind. ünün önüne getirmek /ı/ to imagine readily, envisage. ünün önünden gitmemek to continue to haunt one´s mind, linger in one´s memory. önünde tutmak/bulundurmak /ı/ to keep in mind, bear in mind, remember, consider. lerinden öpmek /ın/ to kiss the eyes of (written in a letter about or to a younger person). lerinizden öperim. Warm regards, (concluding greeting in a letter to one´s junior). leri parlamak for one´s eyes to shine with joy and excitement. ü pek bold, brave, courageous, daredevil. pekliği boldness, courage, daring. perdesi path. cataract. üne perde inmek for a cataract to develop in one´s eye. ü seğirmek for one´s eyelids to twitch. sevdası love expressed by the eyes alone. ünü sevdiğim my dear. ünü seveyim .... Be so good (as to) .../Have the kindness (to) .../Please ...! siperi eyeshade, visor. üne sokmak /ı, ın/ to thrust (something) under (someone´s) eyes (by way of reproof or accusation). ü sönmek 1. to be blinded (by accident). 2. to die. leri sulanmak for one´s eyes to water/become watery. ü sulu/sidikli colloq. crybaby. den sürmeyi çekmek/çalmak to be a very clever thief. süzmek /a/ to cast amorous glances (at). leri süzülmek for one´s eyes to be half closed (from sleep or for amorous effect). ü takılmak /a/ for one´s eye to be caught by. terazi, el mizan. proverb Sometimes a rough estimate is sufficient. ü tok contented, not covetous. ü toprağa bakmak to have one foot in the grave. ünü toprak doyursun. His greed will never be satisfied. ü tutmak /ı/ to consider (someone, something) fit, deem (someone, something) proper. ünde tütmek to have an intense longing for (someone, something), have an ardent desire for (something). ucuyla bakmak /a/ to cast a furtive glance at. ünden uyku akmak to be very sleepy. lerine uyku girmemek/lerini uyku tutmamak not to be able to fall asleep. den uzaklaşmak to be lost from view, be lost from sight. ü üstünde kalmak /ın/ to hanker for/after (something one can´t get). ünün üstünde kaşı var dememek /a/ to tolerate everything (one) does. ü üzerinde olmak /ın/ to watch (over), protect. leri velfecri okumak for one´s eyes to twinkle with cleverness; to have wily eyes. üne yandığım slang 1. cursed, damned. 2. darling, precious. e yasak olmaz. proverb You can´t keep a person from looking. leri yaşarmak 1. for one´s eyes to fill with tears. 2. for one´s eyes to be filled with emotion. yaşartıcı 1. (something) producing tears, making the eyes water. 2. tearful, causing tears. yaşartıcı bomba tear bomb. yaşartıcı gaz tear gas. yaşı see gözyaşı. ünün yaşına bakmamak /ın/ to have no pity on. yaylası field of vision. le yemek /ı/ 1. to fix one´s eyes on, stare obsessively at. 2. to cast the/an evil eye on (someone). ü yememek /ı/ to feel oneself incapable of (doing something), not to be up to. ünü yıldırmak /ın/ to daunt, intimidate. yılgınlığı intimidation, fear. ü yılmak /dan/ to be completely daunted by, be intimidated by (something). ü yolda waiting for someone to come. leri yollarda/yolda kalmak to wait a long time for someone. yummak /a/ to condone, overlook; to take no notice of, wink at, shut one´s eyes to. ünü yummak 1. to die. 2. /a/ to take no notice of, wink at, shut one´s eyes to. yummamak 1. /a/ to take notice of, not to wink at, not to shut one´s eyes to. 2. not to sleep a wink. yumup açıncaya kadar in the twinkling of an eye. yuvarı see gözyuvarı. yuvası see gözyuvası. ü yüksekte/yükseklerde olmak to have one´s eye on a high position; to have high ambitions.
turkce_ingilzce_sozluk - gözakı : (Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük)
,-nı the white of the eye.
turkce_ingilzce_sozluk - gözalıcı : (Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük)
turkce_ingilzce_sozluk - gözaltı : (Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük)
,-nı 1. house arrest. 2. arrest. 3. surveillance, police custody. na almak /ı/ 1. to put (someone) under house arrest. 2. to put (someone) under surveillance.
turkce_ingilzce_sozluk - gözaşısı : (Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük)
,-nı bud graft.
turkce_ingilzce_sozluk - gözbağcı : (Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük)
sleight-of-hand performer, magician, conjurer, illusionist.
turkce_ingilzce_sozluk - gözbağcılık : (Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük)
1. performing tricks by sleight of hand. 2. hoodwinking by manipulation.
turkce_ingilzce_sozluk - gözbağı : (Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük)
,-nı 1. sleight of hand, magician´s trick, legerdemain. 2. something that deceives one´s mind and feelings.
turkce_ingilzce_sozluk - gözbebeği : (Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük)
,-ni 1. pupil (of the eye). 2. apple of the eye, darling. gibi sevmek /ı/ to regard (someone) as the apple of one´s eye.
turkce_ingilzce_sozluk - gözbilim : (Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük)
turkce_ingilzce_sozluk - gözcü : (Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük)
1. watchman, watchkeeper, watch, lookout; mil. observer; sentinel, sentry. 2. colloq. eye doctor, oculist, ophthalmologist. uçağı mil. reconnaissance plane. yeri mil. observation post.
turkce_ingilzce_sozluk - gözcük : (Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük)
turkce_ingilzce_sozluk - gözcülük : (Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük)
1. keeping watch, watchkeeping; mil. observation, observing; sentinel´s duties. 2. colloq. doctoring eyes, being an eye doctor.
turkce_ingilzce_sozluk - gözdağı : (Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük)
,-nı threat, menace, intimidation, daunting. vermek /a/ to threaten, menace, intimidate, daunt.
turkce_ingilzce_sozluk - gözde : (Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük)
1. favorite, favored, in favor. 2. favored one, favorite (woman).
turkce_ingilzce_sozluk - gözdemiri : (Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük)
,-ni bower anchor, bower.
turkce_ingilzce_sozluk - gözdikeği : (Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük)
,-ni something one has set one´s eye on.
turkce_ingilzce_sozluk - gözdişi : (Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük)
,-ni eyetooth, canine tooth.
turkce_ingilzce_sozluk - göze : (Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük)
1. biol. cell. 2. spring, fountainhead.
turkce_ingilzce_sozluk - gözebilim : (Türkçe - İngilizce Sözlük)
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